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Consellería de Educación plans to publish on the 15th of each school month the list of people who have applied for accreditation with the resolution of their accreditation. There will be 5 days to make the pertinent claims and, once they have been resolved, the definitive lists will be published. As this is a new procedure, a first list will be published soon, where the applications submitted during the 15 days immediately following the publication of this regulation will be included.

NO. Conselleria, through various Resolutions, makes known which are the organizations that issue B2 diplomas that Conselleria accepts as valid (see the Order that recognizes the competence in foreign languages).

NOTE: the resolution that appears in the DOCV publishes the annexes with the recognized qualifications in landscape format. You can read the landscape pages of the annexes more comfortably with the option View->Rotate View of Adobe Reader.

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For those scholars who want to know how to calculate the probability of getting a topic, we tell you the operation to be performed. The official agenda of the Secondary examinations is divided into 69-75 topics, depending on the specialty, and the official agenda of teachers (primary and infantile), in 25. In addition, it is necessary to know that the court extracts 3 balls at random.  In this case, to simplify the numerical question, let’s make the example with the oppositions of primary (or infantile).  Let’s suppose that we have studied 10 subjects out of the 25 possible ones. The wonderful science of statistics facilitates the calculation if we do it the other way around and measure the probability that NONE OF THE STUDIED SUBJECTS WILL COME OUT.  This would be all, good luck with your subjects and lots of courage! OPOSITIONS OF YOUR INTEREST

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All applicants must prove their knowledge of the two official languages of the Valencian Community, by means of the accreditation of the corresponding level or by means of a test prior to the competitive examination. The candidates who obtain the qualification of not apt will not be able to continue with the selective process.

The purpose of the test will be to demonstrate the specific knowledge of the specialty for which the candidate is applying and it will consist of two parts that will be evaluated jointly. The grade corresponding to the competitive examination phase will be the arithmetic mean of the scores obtained in the tests included in this phase, when all of them have been passed. The tribunals will evaluate the first test of the competitive examination phase from 0 to 10 points. Each of the two parts of the test will be worth 5 points out of the 10 points that will comprise the total evaluation of this test, and in order to pass it, a minimum score equal to or higher than 5 points must be obtained, which will be the result of adding the scores corresponding to the two parts. For this purpose, the score obtained in each of the parts must be equal to or higher than 25% of the score assigned to them. The second test will be evaluated globally from 0 to 10 points, and a score equal to or higher than 5 points must be obtained in order to pass it. The score of each applicant in each part of the test will be the arithmetic mean of the scores of all the members of the selection board present. When there is a difference of three or more integers between the scores awarded by each member of the selection board, the maximum and minimum scores will be automatically excluded, and the average score will be found between the remaining scores.

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You are preparing for the secondary school competitive examinations and you already have your official English diploma or you have it pending and you are asking yourself two questions: Is my diploma valid in the community I am applying for? How many points will it add up to in the merit scale?

– TOEIC Listening and Reading Test (total score between 785-944) and TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test (Speaking score between 160-179, Writing score between 150-179). Level C1-English. – LanguageCert Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (Listening, Reading, Writing) (Expert C1) and LanguageCert Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (Speaking) (Expert C1).

Document certifying that you have passed the studies corresponding to level B2 of the Language Center of the University of Cantabria (CIUC) obtained by means of a test taken as of January 1, 2014.

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