Universidad oberta de cataluña en madrid

Universidad oberta de cataluña en madrid

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The UOC is a specialist and pioneer in e-learning. For this reason, in addition to training students, they also train teachers in e-learning and the use of ICT. The UOC’s online educational model has been the main distinguishing feature of this university since it began.  The teaching team provides personalized follow-up during the training process to support you in planning your studies, solving activities, assessment and decision-making.

Internationally, the UOC has students in 134 countries and 35 international educational networks, 2 UNESCO chairs and 152 agreements with institutions around the world. In addition, it has received several prestigious awards.  From the Bangemann Challenge of the European Union, awarded to the UOC in 1997, to the Institutional Excellence Award, granted in 2016 by EDEN, since it began its activity, in the academic year 1995-1996 it has won many awards. Among them, we highlight:

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These 31,000 students are summoned to a total of 58,800 final evaluation tests and 2,000 virtual tests abroad. Of these, almost 87% are synthesis, validation and final tests that are taken when students have passed the continuous assessment during the semester, while the rest are final exams. The majority of the students who take them are women, 53.1 %, while men represent 46.9 %.

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In the trend to make the final evaluation tests increasingly virtual and tend towards the elimination of paper, the sites of Gerona, Seville, Malaga, Santiago, Tenerife and Las Palmas will have an electronic record of student attendance.


The former vice-president and ex-leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, will join a research group at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), part of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) in September.

“I am very honored to have been selected by the UOC to work as a researcher from mid-September. One of my priorities was to return to university work,” Iglesias told those around him.

The aim of this research is in line with the CNSC (Communication Networks and Social Change) group, which focuses on analyzing communication and the network society. Above all, it studies the panorama of digital networks, the “media ecology” and its connection with the “new social morphology”, as detailed on its website.

It was a non-remunerated talk and a punctual intervention, after being invited by the organizers of the mentioned course, with a small group of doctoral students of Political Science, in the framework of the institution where he was an associate professor before promoting Podemos.

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The problem denounced by entities such as the trade union CSIF or the Observatory of the Catalan University System is twofold: on the one hand, that an entire organic law is modified ad hoc to save a university that is still private, no matter how much the Generalitat participates in it; on the other hand, that part of the proposed solution involves extending the figure of associate professor to the private university and relaxing the rules of incompatibility of civil servant professors with respect to possible jobs in private universities.

The Oberta de Catalunya would not fall into this category in principle, it is considered a serious university. But a law is a law, and in its spirit of raising quality the ministry has imposed a condition that basically no exclusively online university meets (there are others that fail to comply with many more). The collateral effect has been that both the UOC and the UNED do not reach the requirement of having more than one professor for every fifty or one hundred students (the RD gives that range depending on the experimentality, and neither of the two centers reaches it even in the best of cases). The UOC, in particular, neither reaches nor seems likely to reach it under current conditions: it has 287.74 full-time equivalent professors for 39,887 students (data from the 2018-2019 academic year), a ratio of one professor for every 138.6 students. The UNED is closer: its 1,084.68 teachers for 129,074 students yields a ratio of one teacher for every 118.9 students.