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Valencian community secondary examinations 2021

The date for the beginning of the exams will be announced later, although, in the words of the Minister of Education, Javier Imbroda, they will be held next June “if everything goes normally and the pandemic allows us to do so”.

IMPORTANT: The Govern plans to publish a modification of the Call for Competitive Examinations to include these vacancies. Therefore, the call for competitive examinations will include the 505 vacancies for Secondary Education announced at the end of November.

(17/08/2020) Basque Country publishes the new dates for the 2020 Secondary exams: the delivery of the Didactic Programming will take place from September 30 to October 9 and the opposition phase will start from December (*canceled until 2021).

Government of the canary islands

I found the course very interesting. It does not focus on a neurobiological or deterministic study of education and, on the contrary, it provides very accurate interpretation keys to understand and improve study and learning.

I decided to try Opositer (after a bad experience in Logoss), after the course I can say that it has been a good experience, updated and enjoyable information. Now it remains to wait to see if the deadline for the delivery of the title is met.

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I am left with a good taste in my mouth because I have the feeling that I have not only paid for a course to add points in the scale, I have paid for a good didactic material that will serve me in my professional career and also for the excellent attention I have received. An experience of 10. Thanks to all the team for making our path more bearable.

I have already done two courses with Opositer and now I am going to do another one, once you know the platform you feel very comfortable working with it and although I had doubts because it is online, I recognize that the customer service is excellent and generates a lot of confidence, which is essential for a subject in which you play so much. Based on my experience I do recommend this company to anyone who is preparing for a competitive examination.

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Some of these purposes include accurate geolocation, analyzing device characteristics to distinguish users, matching and combining offline data, and linking different devices.

Specific preparation of primary physical education oppositions ONLINE 🖥 🤹‍♂Use of new educational trends: gamification, cooperative learning, new technologies with coherences (qr, augmented reality) Involvement of families ⭕Economic prices and guided opposition 100% 🖋Weekly practical assumptions, real cases of exams, corrections with proposals to highlight. 👥Individualized follow-up of adapted subject with didactic intervention. 🗓Creation of didactic programming with thread Ask privately without obligation or send an email.

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I sell all the material necessary to prepare the oppositions of secondary education, specializing in Technology. The material is made up of five complete syllabi (71 topics), from different preparers and academies, a multitude of practical assumptions solved and a programming with its didactic units developed. I can send samples to check the quality of the material, I have everything in digital format. I attend WhatsApp.

Secondary examinations madrid 2021

The first test will be aimed at demonstrating the specific knowledge of the teaching specialty for which the candidate is applying, and will consist of two parts that will be assessed jointly. In the case of specialties that include instrumental or technical skills, these skills will be evaluated in this part. This test will be valued from zero to ten points. Each of the two parts of the test will be initially graded from 0 to 10 points. The marks obtained in each part will then be added together, after weighting. The grade for part A is weighted at 60%. Part B is weighted at 40%. Those candidates whose qualifications meet the following two conditions will pass this first test:

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The second test will be aimed at verifying the pedagogical aptitude of each applicant and his mastery of the techniques necessary for the teaching practice. It will consist of the defense of the didactic program delivered at the time by the candidates and the preparation and oral presentation of a didactic unit or learning situation, work unit or intervention program. This test will be valued globally from zero to ten points, and the candidate must achieve, in order to pass it, a score equal to or higher than five points.