Ratio oposiciones secundaria comunidad valenciana

Valencian community examinations 2021

The date for the beginning of the exams will be announced later, although, in the words of the Regional Minister of Education, Javier Imbroda, they will be held next June “if everything goes normally and the pandemic allows us to do so”.

The announcement clarifies, among other things, that “the start of the first test may take place on the same day as the presentation ceremony, or on subsequent days” and will be published 3 calendar days in advance.

(17/08/2020) Basque Country publishes the new dates for the Secondary 2020 competitive examinations: the delivery of the Didactic Programming will take place from September 30 to October 9 and the opposition phase will start from December (*canceled until 2021).

Notes secondary examinations valencian community 2021

The central union explains in a statement that, in this course that begins next Wednesday 8, there will again be classrooms with 35 students in High School and Vocational Training and 30 in Secondary, by suppressing the splitting of the last course and reducing the separation distance from 1.5 meters to 1.2.

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In this line, he lamented that the Ministry of Education has driven the presentiality “simply installing more students per classroom and not with greater investment in teachers and educational spaces. This circumstance, in practice, involves an increase in ratio over the last course, which undermines the quality of education and harms individualized attention,” criticized the union.

CSIF has asked the administration to “rectify” and to incorporate more teachers to the centers to “ensure a presentiality with adequate qualitative parameters and with an effective lowering of ratios”.

The union insists that part of the student body, after the confinement of the end of the 2019/2020 course and the quarantines of the past 2020/2021, “runs the risk of being left behind”, so it has stressed the importance of an attention “as individualized as possible, with no more than 20 students per classroom”.

Secondary school examinations 2021

The majority union of the teaching sector, STEPV, continues to consider that “this course is not the right time to convene oppositions, since the more than 15,000 interim called to the oppositions are not in a position to prepare them, since the workload due to the pandemic situation has multiplied”.

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The STEPV maintains its doubts about these exercises because it recalls that “we must see how the changes announced by the central government to solve the problem of interim teachers in fraud of law, as it has ruled on several occasions the Court of Justice of the European Union, which also states that the oppositions are not the solution to this irregular situation by the concatenation of temporary contracts that censures the framework agreement 1999/70 of the European Union”.

Gva examinations

In the “competitive examination world”, the first word that comes to mind is “thousands of candidates”, something that rarely happens in the competitive examinations for Secondary School teachers, P.F. Technicians and E.O. Languages, as we are going to see below.

When it is said: “24,428 candidates have applied for 3,525 positions”, seen in this way, we can speak of thousands of candidates, but if we analyze the data and take as an example the C.A. Madrid, we see that the ratio of applications per position is an average of 7 applications for each of the positions called, as an average of all the specialties.

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In many specialties, those who are really going to “fight” for a position are far fewer, and as a consequence, in many specialties, not all the positions are filled, because they do not pass the tests.

Based on all these data, the question that the candidate asks himself is, in which community is it easier to pass the exam? And the answer is that if we try to establish a relationship of vacancies / opponents, to see where I apply, we are most likely to be wrong.