Preparador oposiciones secundaria las palmas

Preparador oposiciones secundaria las palmas

Civil service examinations social work cabildo of gran canaria

Given the notable demand in this regard by many of our affiliates, from the STEC-IC we offer a qualified offer of preparation of oppositions in agreement with several academies and preparers, offering face-to-face classes, blended learning and online modality, with discounts for the affiliation for the oppositions scheduled in 2022 for the Teachers Corps.

The affiliates who wish to take advantage of this offer of preparation with the corresponding discounts must contact the headquarters of the corresponding islands (see contact details), to request a certificate of affiliation that they will have to send to the academy or preparer chosen at the time of formalizing the enrollment.

In addition to the training offer for competitive examinations related in this news, from STEC-IC we have also signed a collaboration agreement with Editorial MAD for the acquisition of competitive examination syllabi in advantageous conditions for the affiliation. You can find more information about the syllabus here.

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Lyceum 2000

Trainer on the island of Gran Canaria of the specialties of Infant and Primary School is offered for groups or personally. It offers the possibility of obtaining the agenda of both specialties separately.

Civil servant with experience in oppositions prepares thematic, programming and exhibition presencial/on line of the specialties of infantile and primary. The topics are prepared and ready to study. The programming and script for the exhibition with a 9.1 grade. Do not wait any longer and get ready!

Teacher with a degree in Economics, teaches theoretical and practical classes for the opposition to the Corps of Teachers of FOL (Training and Vocational Guidance), and also the preparation of didactic programming and teaching units. Greetings

Icse las palmas

As of today we know of several trainers. The Anpe Union prepares both in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. The academy Agora prepares the oppositions to primary and secondary both in person and online. Therefore, there is no problem to prepare them remotely. The cost of preparing for these exams is between 110 euros per month per person and 150 euros per month being the preparation time between eight months and 10 months. Therefore the cost can be between 1000 euros and 1600 euros for the whole training. The training basically consists of preparing the practical cases, the didactic programming and the didactic unit. As for the theoretical part, the academies do not prepare anything for you. Here we leave you with the links to the webs.

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Athenaeum courses

I prepare oppositions judicial auxiliary and procedural processingLas PalmasOther oppositionsUNIVERSITY LICENSEE AND CAREER OFFICIAL OF THE BODY OF TRAMITATION WITH DESTINATION IN LAS PALMAS PREPARE THE OP…(1)10100

Opposition civil guard and cnp: psycho-technical, mathematics, physics, chemistry, topographyLas PalmasOther oppositionsPsycho-technical classes are taught, mathematics, physics, chemistry, energy efficiency and topography for oposito…(12)10100

The course is designed for students who are looking for a career in the field of physical education and sports, and who are looking for a career in the field of physical education and sports.

  Actividades de educacion vial para secundaria

Physical education teacher offers physical classes as a physical trainer, tennis, swimming, padelLas PalmasEducationI am a physical trainer, classes could be given in a park, own houses, in tennis I have a track to give physical classes….

I am a civil servant of justice offers private classes for oppositionsLas PalmasOther oppositionsI am responsible, serious and committed to the classes. I am not only I offer the same but also my own material and teaching material….