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secondary examinations in the valencian community 2021

The practical exercise is fundamental to obtain the place in the competitive examinations. This, which is valid for any subject, has specific features for each one of them. In the case of English, the different autonomous communities have prepared different exams in each call because their competences allow them to do so. This has given rise to a great profusion of types of exercises that force the English examiner to face the test in a thorough and versatile way. For example, listenings, reverse or direct translations, literary or non-literary text commentaries, first certificate type exercises, etc. are usually included. It is very important to prepare by doing exercises on very varied aspects (and as we know, English gives rise to that variety) so that the courts do not surprise us on the final day and that lack of preparation will block us and lead us to failure.

Our Practical Course for the English competitive examinations is wide and versatile, in order to serve as an effective preparation for any circumstance that may arise in the competitive examinations. It is a very practical course with many exercises essentially oriented to the competitive examinations. The objective is to practice a lot until you feel confident and obtain thorough corrections that will allow you to advance towards your place.

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Preparation of English secondary exams. Personalized and individualized work. Online format. 100e per month with all the practical included. Exclusive material Proficiency Level. Detailed outlines. Weekly material sent by email. 1 class per month by videoconference JITSI.

I sell material for the practical part, secondary English exams. 80 practical (text comments, vocabulary, teaching practice, translations) 65 euros; 1 book pdf practical (use of english and text comments) 25 euros; 1 book pdf detraducciones 15 euros. all together 85 euros I send samples without obligation. interested contact by email. See all ads from Laura Fernandez

I sell thematic of opposition of body of secondary teachers in the specialty of English. It is about thematic cen, magister and academy. Price 10 euros. I also sell a great book (annual didactic programming of carmen nieves lópez padrón) in digital form that includes a programming made 15 euros. I send samples. See all ads from Ana

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GOOD… I have found 3 in the e-mule (in case you are interested)… but I would like to see some more. Can you help me…thanks a lot… and I hope you can help me.

Please can you pass me some of Andalucia ?? I would appreciate it very much, I still don’t have any that I can pass you but I’m working on it, as soon as I get it I’ll pass it to you; email: [email protected] thanks in advance.

Hello Mar 6! would you mind passing me the practical you have of Andalusia 2004, I have searched everywhere and I can not find it, I would be very grateful if you pass it to me. My email is [email protected]. Thanks again

Hi, I have seen that some of you have found practical models. Could you send me some? Preferably from Andalucia. I have found one of baccalaureate if anyone is interested. A saludo,[email protected]

Hello I am preparing for the English exams and I would be interested in getting some exams, if someone can help me I would be very grateful. I could also exchange some material you need.

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All our syllabuses are self-prepared, including the English secondary school teacher exams. In addition, our trainers will complement your training with digital and updated material: > Get to know the tests to pass and their syllabuses.

With the innovative training system Education 5.0 we prepare you for the English Secondary Education competitive examination. In addition, you will have the best physical and digital material, as well as the best pedagogical resources for the preparation of Oposiciones Online for Secondary Education English, as well as the face-to-face:

When you enroll with us we give you an educational account of Microsoft Office 365 to use it for life.  The Microsoft Office 365 account gives you free access to all Microsoft Office applications and tools: Outlook Mail, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, … and 1 Terabyte of memory in the OneDrive cloud with your account.  Valued at 89€ per year, you will be able to use it forever, even if you have finished your course with us. A new one adapted to the digital era.

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