Comisiones obreras oposiciones secundaria

Comisiones obreras oposiciones secundaria

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The agreement has been reached today in the meeting of the working group of Ceuta and Melilla, in which the unions, the provincial directors of Education of both cities and representatives of the ministry participate. Ricardo Jimeno explained that, although Comisiones Obreras did not consider it appropriate to include new specialties to those already agreed, from the ministry and the provincial directorates it has been decided to incorporate places for the specialties of Philosophy, Organization and Commercial Management, Clinical Diagnostic Procedures and Orthoprosthetics and Administrative Management Processes.

From Comisiones Obreras, the call for vacancies is positively valued, since it will contribute to stabilize the educational centers and the teaching staff, which is what “the educational system in Melilla needs”.

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The first test of the selective process of competitive examinations for teachers lost 11.25 percent, that is, 159 places, of the total of those called for Secondary, Vocational Training and other bodies. This was reported by the trade union Comisiones Obreras, which described these results as a “new debacle”, since “far fewer people have passed the first of the two eliminatory tests of the competitive examination”.

As for the technical teaching of FP, the union highlighted two specialties with a high percentage of vacancies: Business processes, where six of ten places are lost, and catering services, which will be deserted nine of a total of 11.

Also, this percentage of vacancies “significantly affects the lack of teachers in the centers at the beginning of the course in these specialties deficit with obvious consequences for the students of the Community”.

This change in the model should include non-eliminatory tests to “substantially modify the results and would serve to value not only the purely rote and conceptual knowledge, but also the teaching practice of the interim staff”.

2022 secondary school examinations

Maria Luisa Vico of FESP UGT has insisted on the transitional system as the one developed in 2007 with the LOE and that as many vacancies as possible be offered because those offered so far in the autonomous communities are “insufficient” to reduce interim employment to 8%.

Finally, the representative of STES Intersindical José Ramón Merino demanded “a fairer and more balanced access system”, in which “everything does not have to be played in a single test”, and expressed his wish that “the Ministry does not turn a deaf ear and does not behave as the Minister (José Ignacio) Wert behaved”. 385 624 3catorce 3catorce2021-10-14 11:56:282021-10-15 11:58:35Announcement date of publication of competitive examinations for teachers 2022 Cantabria 1080 1080 3catorce 3catorce2021-07-30 12:45:362021-07-30 12:49:52Approved with place Secondary Cantabria 2021

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From the union, we consider it necessary and desirable that the process is developed with the greatest possible transparency to avoid that the principles of equality, merit and ability that underpin the official announcement may be violated.

For CC.OO. these competitive examinations for teachers, which will begin on June 19, are essential as a necessary step to stabilize the workforce, but demands that all health measures against the pandemic be guaranteed.

Since last November 10, women without a partner, lesbians and transsexuals who retain the capacity to gestate can now have access to assisted human reproduction on an equal footing.

The Andalusian educational administration has published the Instructions of July 13, 2021, regarding the organization of the educational centers and the curricular flexibilization for the school year 2021/22.

Tribunals and venue || Place first exam || Selection Commission || Access consultation (Pending publication) || Definitive list of admitted personnel (Pending publication) || Resolution BOJA (Pending publication)

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