Academia oposiciones secundaria coruña

Academia oposiciones secundaria coruña

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In CEF CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS FINANCIEROS, the main objective is to help students achieve their professional goals, giving special importance to the personal treatment with the student, following up their academic career.

Within the FORBE GROUP we know that the foundations on which the future is based are those of a solid training, for this we offer to anyone who needs it a wide range of training products, made based on the current needs of both Students, Opponents and Professionals who need…

In Adams – Cefiasa we take care that each student understands and assimilates the program included in the bases of call, emphasizing the resolution of doubts, the explanation of the agenda, informing of the selective process…For it we have professionals of the…

Excelentia formación is a training center that was created with the purpose of meeting the needs of all those people who wish to achieve quality training and thus increase their job opportunities.

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Unlike an academy of oppositions of secondary, primary or infantile, if you decide to request the help of a preparer of oppositions you will have at your side a person who will work as your own “personal trainer”, who will try to adapt to your needs and abilities and push you to achieve your goal: to pass and get a permanent position as a teacher in Galicia.

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The reason: we want to have direct, close and flexible contact with each of you, encouraging interaction, the resolution of possible doubts and an approach based on the capabilities and individual situation of each person who has placed his or her trust in us in something as important as the preparation of a competitive examination.

For all those who need it, our civil service exam preparers have created different intensive courses (depending on the specialty) focused on helping you to develop and present your didactic program and its corresponding units.


This offer of vacancies is oriented to fill gaps especially in Health, Education and Social Services, so if you belong to any of these fields, you are in luck since it can be a great opportunity to get your permanent job for life and also doing it in something you like.

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Keep in mind that when applying for the competitive examinations held in the Autonomous Community of Galicia you have to meet requirements that are not the same as for the competitive examinations organized in other communities of the national territory.

If you already know more in depth the Xunta’s civil service examinations and you have decided to apply for any of the calls to obtain a civil servant position, now it is time to decide in which academy to prepare yourself to get it and not waste your time.

Police training center founded in Gijón, the National Academy focuses on preparing for the competitive examinations for entry into the Security Forces and Corps, i.e. National Police Corps, Civil Guard and Local Police.

Postal academy

Oposiciones de AdministraciónNumerous Galician administrations such as the Xunta de Galicia, the different universities, health centers, city councils and more, need administrative personnel for their management. This translates into a large number of vacancies for the competitive examinations for Administrative and Administrative Assistants, especially in the Xunta de Galicia. These civil service examinations are not too demanding in terms of requirements, and can be accessed with an ESO or Baccalaureate degree, depending on the position to which you want to aspire.

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SERGAS civil service examinationsSERGAS, or Servicio Gallego de Salud, is in charge of announcing the vacancies for the different health centers in the community. In these offers we can find positions of all kinds and for all levels of studies. Nursing, Nursing Assistant and Caretaker positions, among others, are accessible to people with compulsory or specific degrees, which makes them a very good option for people interested in working in the private sector.