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Call for secondary school competitive examinations madrid 2021

The applications to participate in these selective tests shall be in accordance with the official model that appears, for information purposes, as Annex III of the Resolution of the call, and shall be completed exclusively through the computer application enabled for this purpose, which is available on the portal, within the news published in the “competitive examinations” section. The application must be completed and generated electronically, whether it is submitted digitally or in person. Any application that has not been completed and generated through the computer application made available in the specified route will not be accepted.

Documentation other than merits: The rest of the documentation shall be provided, as well as the merits, telematically in the corresponding section during the completion of the application. The documentation will be the following:

– Certificate of disability, when applicable. – Scan of both sides of the DNI, if consent is not given for consultation through the SVDI. – Negative certificate from the Central Registry of sex offenders, in the event that consent has not been given to the Administration for consultation. – Exemption from the Spanish test, when applicable.

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2021 secondary school examinations

I found the course very interesting. It does not focus on a neurobiological or deterministic study of education and on the contrary it raises very accurate interpretation keys to understand and improve the study and learning.

I decided to try Opositer (after a bad experience in Logoss), after the course I can say that it has been a good experience, updated and enjoyable information. Now it remains to wait to see if the deadline for the delivery of the title is met.

I am left with a good taste in my mouth because I have the feeling that I have not only paid for a course to add points in the scale, I have paid for a good didactic material that will serve me in my professional career and also for the excellent attention I have received. An experience of 10. Thanks to all the team for making our path more bearable.

I have already done two courses with Opositer and now I am going to do another one, once you know the platform you feel very comfortable working with it and although I had doubts because it is online, I recognize that the customer service is excellent and generates a lot of confidence, which is essential for a subject in which you play so much. Based on my experience I do recommend this company to anyone who is preparing for a competitive examination.

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Anpe extremadura

The Secondary and Vocational Training competitive examinations in Extremadura will start next June 19, a date that coincides with the one chosen by the rest of the communities except for the Valencian Community, which will hold them in May.

Specifically, 530 places will be for Secondary, with 19 specialties; 154 for Vocational Training, with 11 specialties; 11 places for the Official Language Schools for the specialties of English and French and two places for conservatories and the specialty of piano.

As a novelty, highlighted Gutiérrez, and with the aim of simplifying the administrative procedure for opponents and interim, will be unified in a resolution the call for opposition with the update of merits and integration for the first time in waiting lists of interim.

Finally, the Councilor of Education, Esther Gutiérrez, has shown her satisfaction for the fact that the communities, with the exception of the Valencian Community, coincide in the celebration of the competitive examinations, since it is something that “benefits all of them”. “It is a good measure that benefits all the autonomous communities”, she pointed out.

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The second part of the competitive examination will be the merit-based examination, which will start on July 7 with the publication of the provisional scale of points. On July 15, the definitive scale and the provisional list of selected candidates will be published, which will be confirmed on July 20.

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The tightness of the process will allow that by the end of July, the candidates who have obtained a place will know their destination as probationary officials, a position to which they will join on September 1.

The same will not be true for those who are positive or in asylum when it is their turn to read the first exam or take the second test of the competitive examination phase. In this case, they will be allowed to change the date.