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We prepare you to get the Official Title of FP Middle Grade: you will acquire the necessary academic basis so that you can pass the free tests and get the Official Title of FP Middle Grade. The course we offer is of obvious interest to all those who wish to progress professionally through the application of the theoretical and practical concepts that will be studied in this training, which have an obvious application to the workplace.Training aimed at

Training given in 2022. If your desire is to get the Title of FP Cooking and Gastronomy you have to meet the official requirements. If you do not meet the official requirements, we can help you to prepare for the FP Entrance Exam to FP de Grado MedioTítulo that you will get.

The objective that you will achieve when you study the Medium Technician Course in Cooking and Gastronomy in 2022 is that you prepare yourself with the necessary training to obtain the Official Title of FP Medium Degree. If you finish our training you will do the corresponding Internship in Companies and once you get the Vocational Training degree, you will be able to work in the professional activities of a graduate in FP Cooking and Gastronomy, such as:

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Below you will find all the information corresponding to the present title of Higher Grade Vocational Training Higher Technician in Physical Conditioning that you will be able to study in this center: TSAF IES Jimena Menéndez Pidal. If you have any doubts or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The main professional motivations of those who take this course are to work as a Monitor, Instructor and Physical Conditioning Trainer in rooms and Directed Activities with and without musical support. The Personal Trainer will be one of the most representative professional figures of the present formation.

The duration of the Superior Degree in Physical Conditioning is 2,000 teaching hours. The professional modules or subjects of which the present training is composed are described in the following list:

If you have taken TAFAD before and you have this degree, you can validate some of the subjects of TSAF. For more information about these validations visit the following page: TAFAD.

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Madrid, Feb 15 (EFE) – The Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid has reported that “will create the first specific center of Vocational Training in Fuenlabrada in the facilities of the current IES Federica Montseny” through a statement, in an educational project that will begin operating next year.

In addition, the ministry plans to “diversify the educational offer of this new specific center, which has forty classrooms, four laboratories, three computer rooms and a library, with more training cycles offer for the next courses”.

The municipal government of the town (PSOE and IUCM), however, has downgraded its prospects for this announcement, which the mayor of Education, Isidoro Ortega, has assessed as “a mere transfer, an exchange”, since “neither new places nor new cycles are created”.

Ortega, who has said he knew the news since yesterday, has indicated that “the Federica Montseny Institute will host the students of FP of Africa and this, in turn, to the Baccalaureate of both” and has requested “more supply of places and training cycles” for the town.

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